Dentist visits whilst on chemotherapy

I have a dentist appointment (that I’ve been putting off) tomorrow. My oncologist originally said I can go but avoid any treatments that risk infection. This has now changed, she just said any treatment should be timed around the chemotherapy cycle. 
I originally avoided as I thought what’s the point if the dentist can’t do anything anyway but now I’m thinking I can’t avoid it for longer 

(I am a bit concerned as my sugar intake has gone up )

Does anyone have experience of seeing the dentist whilst on chemo

  • My dentist wouldn’t do anything due to lockdown/ chemo / bone density. So after 2 years waiting for filling that came out during chemo to be replaced I ended up at hospital having 4 teeth removed. Hope your dentist is not as money orientated as mine and helps you.

  • Yes, I have seen my dentist regulalry over last 4.5 years including periods of IV chemo. I explained what drugs I was on and in particular denosimab as it can affect jaw. last hygienist visit, I asked her to go gentle as my blood platelets might be low, and so I didnt want to worry about gum bleeds. I tend to time visits to weeks when I am not actually having chemo that week, just becuase I tend to feel better that week. Good luck, although i just realised you posted this 2 days ago, so it has happened. Hope it went well

  • Sorry to hear this. My dentist was ok, but he just did a check. Luckily no treatment needed