Anti sickness treatment with chemotherapy


I currently have Temozolomide for 5 days every 28 days. I get given ondansetron with it. I’m now taking the absolute minimum the oncologist is willing to go to. However, it is still giving me really bad constipation, essentially I go over a week without going to the toilet. I take laxatives with it on the advice of the oncologist, but it makes no difference. I’m fortunate that the chemo hasn’t given me any sickness, but the constipation seems to be worse. It’s almost like the anti-sickness is causing more problems than it’s worth, for me at least.

Has anyone else had this problem?

  • Hi @charlotteLG,

    Yes, sounds familiar - i have never had nausea and like you i jus take the anti-sickness in pre meds and then one ondansetron the next day ( I am prescribed 2 per day, for 2 days - but I send them back as I have a surplus supply). I too take laxido regularly and managed to work out a regime which helped. However, recently I have been taking a smoothie each day with loads of fruit and veg in it - so plenty of fibre, and just one drink per day can cover your needs,  Here's hoping you find a workeable regime - it is horrible to go so long without results, and the gut affects every aspect of our health,

  • Yes yes yes I have this! What I have done is seeked hypnotherapy for anti sickness, now I take no anti sickness tablets at all and no longer constipated. 

    Have you tried suppositories? I found they help also eating a bag of black liquorice helps.

  • Hi

    There are other anti sickness meds out there surly ?  ondansetron Can be used for other reasons (spoiler alert I am no oncologist)


  • Hi Eddie when I say I have tried them all I have tried them all! Pretty much all of them have terrible constipation as side effects