Using Cold Cap during chemotherapy

Hi there I'm reaching out to anyone especially on Paclitaxel and Carboplatin and used the Cold Cap during chemotherapy to prevent hair loss. Can you advise me on how well it preserves your hair and any tips ? Many thanks xx

  • Hi there, if you type cold cap into the search bar at the top of the page you should find some answers (from all groups) I do recall most people said it wasn't bad and did help to prevent hair loss, thinning as opposed to total.

    I wasn't offered it, ageist!! Love my wig anyway!

    Hugs, B xx

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  • Update on the Cold Cap 

    On the first time I used it, it was very very cold to the point I thought it was actually painful, some people do take paracetamol beforehand but I didn't. After about 15 mins you do acclimatise and it's really not so bad. I didn't lose any more hair than usual until 2 weeks after  my second Chemo ( which is normal to expect to lose some hair) and I'm sure this is probably because they changed the cap size from medium 1st time to small second time, I didn't question it as I thought these people are the experts, during the day I remember I kept touching the top front of the cap as it felt it wasn't making contact with my head and this is where I've lost or thinned out More at the front. I've still managed to keep a lot of hair so I now wear a headband at the front to hide the patchy bits but I also have a wig in preparation as my hair was already stressed out and thinning anyway. But I gather if I can keep most of my hair then it's a good base to start adding new hair growth maybe? I have just had my Third Chemo and will see in a week or two time and if I do lose A LOT MORE hair then I probably won't continue with the Cap. I recently spoke to a younger person who also used the Cap and she also said she lost a lot of hair on Chemo cycle one and two then it levels out and by her last 6th  Chemo she had already noticed new hair growth! But hasn't needed a wig as shes got lots of hair even though it's a bit thinner.

    Please do ask your hospital about Cold cap therapy as I've heard they don't always tell you even though they have this facility. I have heard that one lady asked about it and the nurse tried to put her off it, this poor lady had to fight for it but got it in the end.

    Hope this helps someone out there thinking of using the Cold Cap and even if it's not going to fully work fir me, the nurses have said they've had some good results and I do think if you've got a good head of hair it's worth trying.