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  1. I am due to begin paclitaxel as a weekly treatment in January. I'd like to know how best to prepare myself physically over the next 5 weeks. My weight is bordering normal to underweight and I find it hard to put on weight. I'm an active mum of three young children. If I'm sick on the chemo I'm figuring I'm going to lose weight so should I try to build up now? Will I remain able to do the school run sometimes, will I be active at least some of the time. I think I'm going on a weekly cycle as I was very ill on a previous chemo. I'd really appreciate others perspectives on what to expect. 
  • Hi   and I see it's your first post so welcome to the Community.

    Paclitaxel is used to treat various cancer types, you may find it helpful to copy and paste this into your cancer type group as you then connect with other who have walked the same path. I see you have joined our Lung Cancer and Unknown primary cancer groups. If these are the correct groups then do put up a post and see who is looking in.

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    1. OK, thank you, I will give it a try. 
  • My partner is due to start this for his stomach cancer 

    I am struggling to find our anyone experience of it!

    Have you found out much more info? 
    All the best 

  • Hi EOXS

    I don't know anything more since I posted, but I think I've just accepted what will be will be now.

    I started listening to a podcast series on BBC sounds all about cancer. I found it extremely helpful to hear people with cancer talking from the heart and from experience with guts and humour about all aspects of the disease and the lifestyle that goes with it!

    Sorry I don't have anything else to say on the drug, but I probably will in a couple of weeks after I start.

    When is your husband due to begin? I wish you both all the best.


  • Hi . I started Paclitaxel and Carboplatin in early December as 21 day cycles for Mets after Endometrial cancer. Just about to have my third this Friday 21/1. I haven't noticed any serious weight loss so far. there's been a few days when I didn't have much appetite as everything tasted like cardboard for a few days.

    I have also noticed that I suffer sickness and diarrhoea on day 8 of the cycle so my Oncologist advised me to take a couple of the anti nausea tablets on day 6, more on day 7 in anticipation of the nausea so I'll post if that works for me.

    Hugs, B xx

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  • Hi, I had my first meeting with my oncologist yesterday. I will be starting this treatment in January also. My oncologist advised that I can expect to put on AT LEAST a stone in weight during treatment. I, like you, assumed I would lose weight. She said lots of people think that but it's not what happens.  Maybe you should ask your oncologist to confirm. I will be getting herceptin injections at the same time so maybe that is what will cause the weight gain? She also said a bad side effect is diarrhea but it's one of the less harsh chemo meds so side effects might not be so severe. Can only hope. Good luck with your treatment.