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Wide Awake

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Sunday night saw us in A&E again.,this time for eight hours and we arrived home around 4,30am. You would think after a night spent sitting on an uncomfortable chair in a bed bay trying to get help for my husband , l would relish the chance to sleep in my own bed. Yet here l am ,wide awake, wondering what to say to the GP if we can get an appointment tomorrow. I do all the things l am supposed to do., set aside a particular time for strategizing, make the bedroom a Cancer  free zone where l pretend we have not been living' thru the looking glass' for the past 13 months. I am tired but here l am, nearly 5am, needing to be up at 7am to take our daughter to the station for her daily commute, wide awake.

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Hi Trentlady.

I hear you and I feel you. What you've described was what it was like towards the end of my late darlings life.

The worst bit is that 4 months after her passing, I still cannot get to sleep before 3AM and cannot stay asleep after 6PM.

Cancer truly is the cut that never heals. :-(

The day after your journey ends, the sun will still rise.
As will you.
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Thankyou for your kindness