The Silent Hospital

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I think it's important to know what you're about to come up against and being in the hospital having the intravenous chemo is actually a relatively easy part, I experience the effects 10 days later which I would liken to a sea wave of an undetermined size for each particular treatment. The larger the wave, harder the side effects. Each day having its own wave from day ten onwards approx.

Since October when chemo treatment started, I have never been contacted by the hospital enquiring how I am coping that week. There seems to be no contact organised at all! The only time I have contact is 2hrs before the chemo treatment to discuss my blood samples. Then in a couple of hours I've to go for the treatment. 

My hospital may be like others, when the doctor you see has changed from the Oncology doctor to an in house doctor who is doing a one day per week in oncology and cannot be contacted outwith that day. Leaving a tell no for two cancer specialist nurses. It invariably goes to the answer machine, which  they'll return the call within a few hours or the next week, or as recently not at all. I don't call it any more. 

I called the consultant oncologist and spoke to her secretary explaining my reasons for the call regards a lot of pain and I would dearly like to know what was causing it, sooner than the 2hrs before treatment might be cancelled next week. I wonder whether I'll be contacted and who by, in my... Team! 

Love to hear from you.. Take care yourself. Bye Blush

  • Hi there. I'm sorry to hear you are not getting any help. Have you spoken to your GP about pain meds? They are usually pretty helpful and you can also ask them who to contact out of hours. I hope you get it sorted. Stay safe. X

    Lils x