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Good evening

I’m a bit nervous about a new treatment starting on Friday. I was due for my usual Paclitaxel and Ramucirucab yesterday but it was cancelled due to my latest scan. It does not seem to be working any more. I have been told that I will now have Folfiri and I will have to go home with a pump attached! This scares me. Can anybody give me any wise words please?

thank you

  • Hi

    I can understand why you'd be feeling nervous about starting a new treatment on Friday. 

    I can't help with any experiences of Folfiri but, as there's only a couple of days before your treatment starts, I thought I'd suggest that you also post this in the Oesophageal cancer forum group which I can see you're a member of. There will probably be members of the group who have had this treatment.

    Wishing you all the best


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