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Hello I had 5 days of radiotherapy at the beginning of July 3 weeks later I developed a sore chest and my throat very dry it isn't as bad now but it is still there it is worse when I am anxious just wondering if anyone has experienced this 

I have had a covid test and it is negative 

  • Hi  Bbbd

    I am sorry  to  hear  you  have  this  problem, I can not speak for all  but  I  am  wondering  if  a coincidence and  it  may not  be  related to RT as  most  I have  heard  have  had  5days Rt for  5 weeks or  6, so  for  you  to  get  these  problems after  just  5 days as I said  maybe  you  picked  up  a  chest infection. What  has  your  team  said? maybe  worth  chatting to them  if  you  haven't  already.

    Good luck 


    A R H.
  • Hi Bbbd4

    I’ve had the 5 day radiotherapy, I finished it early May.. I experienced quite a lot of discomfort down the centre of my Chest... uncomfortable when eating, but thankfully it has settled now.

    Just had a sore throat for about 5 days and like you, I was sent for a Covid test that, was negative. 

    Keep safe


  • Hello thank you for your reply it has made me feel so much better 

    Take care and stay safe 


  • They said it wouldn't be anything to do with the radiotherapy so sort of worried me that I had something really wrong ie with my lungs etc 

  • Hi 

    Really hope all will be ok, we tend to worry and think too much, glad I  made you feel a little  better.  Talk to your doctor  get on the  case because the  quicker the better as  you  know. Probably nothing like as  bad  as  you  think  it  is  but  act  fast  to  stop it getting worse,  maybe  doctor can  give  you  something to  clear it up. 

    Good luck.


    A R H.
  • FormerMember

    I know this is a few months old but it may be of help, I finished a 4 weeks course of Radiotherapy in the centre of my chest. It wasn't till the last day of treatment when marks appeared near my arm pits on both sides and a tiny bit on my lip. I was warned so made sure I had plenty of cream in and that has been such a great help. Honey is also good when coughing.

  • Hello thank you for sharing you symptoms with me it does help and I am so grateful to you for sending me this message 

    Take care 

  • I too have got a lot of side effects but due to my other conditions my body reacted. I have just completed my 10 treatments. Its agony for me. I have fibromyalgia and asthma and many more...

    My chest feels like I'm in a vice constantly and im struggling to breathe. I have the cough too. I also have every side effect they list and some...

    Currently, sunburnt nipple and areola, nipple feels like its being sliced with a partially broken razor constantly. Good breast is 36.5°C and the treated breast is 37.4°C.

  • Hello I do hope you are making a good recovery 

    I have to say thank you for sharing this it makes me realise that my symptoms are normal 

    Take care 

  • Hello just to update everyone as I noticed a couple of people read my thread 

    It is almost a treat in July when I completed my treatment 

    I still get tightness in my chest but it is when I am anxious 

    At present waiting for my mamagram results for this year it is the longest 10 days to wait 

    My breast looks very tanned still and nipple is puckered too

    I got lymphadema just in my breast but my arm is still painful at times 

    I just have to say I have been looked after well by my nurses and doctors 

    I just hope I am still clear 

    I also did a 100 mile walk in May to raise funds 

    Take care of yourselves