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hi guys.. 

So a little about me and my story. 29 years old and diagnosed with breast cancer. Was also around 14 weeks pregnant with baby number 4. Had EC during pregnancy, surgery and then finished off with paclitaxel last month ready to start radiotherapy next week.

My problem? Is this.. I managed 7 rounds rounds of chemotherapy, using the cold cap and lost minimal hair, some thinning but nothing in comparison. My last round of paclitaxel was 21st April and my hair. Its falling out. Strands and strands. I had it 3 weeks ago and it started falling out around 6/7th may, badly. 

Does anybody have any tips, ideas, advice on anything I can do to stop it, slow it down, speed up haor regrowth. Products, pills, shampoos? 

I am so upset and angry that it is happening and I know to some people I must sound precious or like I'm being silly but my hair is everything, without it my children will ask questions and I have managed to keep it from them for so long. 

It's really getting me down 

Thank you Frowning

  • Hi

    Please don't think that you sound silly because you're upset that your hair has started to fall out after chemotherapy. I have long hair so would feel the same as you if it happened to me.

    I hope you don't mind me suggesting that you also post this question in the breast cancer group, as I'm sure there'll be lots of people who can share both their experiences and any tips with you. There is also a dedicated chemotherapy thread within that group. Clicking on these links will take you straight there if you want to post there as well.


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