Reactions to oxipalatin and capecitabine

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Hi I’ve just started adjuvant chemotherapy for stage 3 Colón cancer using combined oxipalatin and capecitabine. Had what oncologist described as an idiosyncratic reaction to the very first infusion of oxipalatin - never seen in all his career - pins and needles  in all hands and feet and numbness and pain in lower left leg. As a result he is refusing to give me the second infusion even though I have had my nerves and spine checked by a neurophysiologist. I am really keen to continue as otherwise I will need six rather than three months of treatment (8v4 cycles) and I’m told the results are not so good. 

Has anyone else had similar experience and been allowed to continue - and if so with what results ?

  • Hi and a very warm welcome to the online community

    I'm sorry to hear that your treatment has been stopped due to a bad reaction. It's completely understandable why you'd want to carry on with treatment.

    Could I suggest that you join the bowel cancer group and also post your question there as well. The group is very friendly and there may be members there who have encountered this problem when they have been undergoing treatment.

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  • Hi there, I had the same treatment for 8 sessions over 6 months. Oxaliplatin caused numbness in my finger tips and pain in my feet - which are cold even on hot days. 6 months after finishing my treatment I still have the same symptoms particularly in my feet.

    neuropathy is what is called. 

    no idea if it will improve in the future.

    there are other treatments out there for you - give them a go. Good luck