Thyroid removal operation

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Hello, I am wondering if anyone had a recent thyroid surgery, do you know when to remove the piece of clear sticky plaster covering the cut?  I asked the nurse, she said it will come off by itself and the info was not on the discharge paperwork.  My wound is still painful but I think it is getting better, but the plaster is getting more uncomfortable by the day.  My surgery was performed 5 days ago.  Many thanks.

  • Hi Karl C, tricky one. If the discharge papers had no info on i suppose its up you, and if its getting uncomfortable maybe 5 days is enough. I know what i would do if it was me but i am not telling you what to do haha. I suppose you could ring your thyroid nurse again or ring 111 and ask the question. Then there is also your GP. Sometime we just need to do what we think is best . Good luck