Surgery to remove a rare tumour

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Hi All, 

I have what seems to be a thymic cancer or lymphoma. The tumour has grown prosteiria and has gotten into the pericardium. So I've gone from a small operation a few months ago to potentially a complicated situation stopping the heart and putting me on bypass. The surgeon has already explained that he'll only really know what's going on when he gets in there. Inclusive of replacing ateries. My issue is that there is only seven documented cases of this happening. I'm kind of in the dark on what happens after surgery. I suppose because they don't know its spread to pin their colours to the mast. Has anyone out there had any surgery or experience of cancer around the heart?

This surgery is imminent... Thanks in advance 

  • Hi  and sorry to read your story.

    I have no experience with regards to what you are having to go through surgery wise but having been diagnosed in 1999 with one of the rare types of Lymphoma (60 types and sub-types of Lymphoma) I can say that if it is a Lymphoma surgery won’t remove it completely so you would most likely have to move on to other treatments like chemotherapy, radiotherapy….

    I wish you all the best with your treatment.

    Mike (Thehighlander)

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  • Thanks Mike, (there can only be one!) the jury is waiting on if its a thymic carcinoma. The tumour is in such an awkward area there was no way to get a biopsy. So I'll only know after surgery. Encouraged by how you've gotten through your illness, that's better than a thousand words.