Colon Cancer Surgery & Full Abdominal Hysterectomy

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Hi everyone,

Brand new here at Macmillan.

I have recently been diagnosed with colon cancer. We believe it is stage 1. I am due to go into hospital on Monday 10th October, for colo-rectal surgery and full abdominal hysterectomy. 

I understand this is a pretty major surgery, and don't know anybody who has been through the same procedure. I guess what I am looking for here is to chat with others that have been through the same surgery and the after treatment. 

Appreciate any help or advice, thank you in advance!


  • Hi Bernie  and welcome to the Community but sorry to see you joining us and to hear about your diagnoses and treatment plan.

    This is such a stressful and challenging time but when it comes to support there is nothing better than talking with others who are on the exact same cancer and treatment journey.

    This is a general surgery group so you may pick up some replies but can I suggest you also consider joining our supportive Bowel (colon and rectum) cancer group. This is a safe place to talk to others with a similar diagnosis, treatment experience, to ask questions and get support.

    If you'd like to connect in with a group click on the Green (Bold) link(s) I have created above. Once the group page opens click on the black banner that says [click to join] at the bottom, or the [Join] button under "Group tools."

    You can then introduce yourself by putting up a ‘new post’ by clicking in the box near the top right with + New or + (Depending on the device you are using) and you are ready to go. You could copy and paste the text from this post into your new post.

    Mike (Thehighlander)

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