Coping with Complications following Womb Cancer Surgery

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My family and I are really struggling at the moment due to complications which have happened following my mum's surgery and wondered if anyone else has had similar experiences and advice on getting through it. 

My mum has womb cancer which spread to her cervix. Prior to her Hysterectomy surgery she was otherwise healthy and well, with well controlled type 2 diabetes. The surgery went well and she was ready to come home 4 days later, until she suddenly became very unwell with raised temp, vomiting and the runs. They eventually found out that she had a fluid collection in her abdomen, they did not drain this and ended up not identifying it's caused. This seemingly cleared with antibiotics and she was discharged 2 weeks after surgery! She was looking well and building an appetite again.

She then had a water infection which the GP then took 2 weeks to get her the right treatment, by which time she because unwell again with nausea and vomiting and slight kidney pain. While attempting a final holiday before chemo she because so unwell we had to rush her to hospital miles from home. She had acute kidney injury due to the infection she had following the op, and there was still a fluid collection in her abodomen. Thankfully they caught in time and put stents in. Unable to get a collection of the fluid due to being too close to the bowel they treated with IV antibiotics...but she was well in herself again, starting to eat and drink. She was fitted with a PICC line and sent home with district nurse visit in place with a local service to home to deliver IV antibiotics. 

Within 2 days of returning home we noticed she had increasing confusion, was pretty much completely off her legs and unable to eat or drink much yet again. She is back in hospital and they believe it is still the ongoing infection! We know she is the best place, but it is super hard for the family and we just want my mum back to herself! She has lost so much weight that the macmillan nurse even commented she looked like a different woman. 

  • Hi and welcome to the Online Community. A huge number of hysterectomies are performed without any complications so I'm sorry to read of your Mum's problems. My Mum suffered with kidney and UTI's which caused weight loss, confusion and other side effects, until her medication was sorted out one thing seemed to cause another hiccup with her improving but it was a worrying time for us.

    I'm going to suggest you join us ladies in the Womb cancer group, just click on the link I've created and join. Then copy and paste this post to introduce yourself. 

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