Deciding on breast reconstruction

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Hiya there, I’m newly diagnosed with IDC stage 1 and having my surgery in a few weeks. I was already ready for a lumpectomy but told I need to lose my nipple because of where it is, so I’m thinking along the mastectomy route as don’t think I’ll cope with results and all be constantly paranoid about it returning. I’m interested in getting the views of others about immediate reconstruction and waiting instead? If you could reply that would really I’m sure you know google can only take you so far x 

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    Sorry for typo* should be Breast Reconstruction!!! Didn’t sleep well last nite...

  • Hi

    If you would like to edit the title of your message so it gets read correctly - If you look under the first message next to where it says 'alert moderator' you will see the word 'More'

    If you click on this you have the option to edit the message and can change the title to read reconstruction.

    I can't help you with reconstruction options as J didn't go that route, but there are loads of ladies who have.

    It may be better if you joined and also posted this in the very active (and friendly) Breast Group here (link) to get chatting with them.

    Hope this helps a bit, G n' J

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    Thank you so much, I’ve just tried to alter my original message but it just came back with an error. I’ll post again in the group you suggested x