Help I’ve got a drain in after surgery

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hi lovely’s 

had my surgery Thursday (mastectomy and snb). I’m so spaced out still that I don’t know what Ive done since then. I’m home and on morphine and other meds. I’m told all went well but they had to fit a drain as had to take so much. 

I am severely needle phobic and blood phobic and such a wimp and pathetic that this is causing me more pain and anxiety than anything. Any tips or help? Xxx

  • Morning 

    Hope you managed an extra hour in bed (doubtful ?)

    You may be be better posting this as a new discussion in the Breast Group you joined ? As most mastectomy ladies have drains fitted to help avoid seroma swelling and the pain that goes with that while it all heals and will have experience of this.

    Do you know the next stage of your treatment or are you waiting on the full post surgery tissue report and SNB check ?

    Fingers crossed for the drain soon being removed and a hassle free recovery - Don't forget the exercises they are important for better full shoulder/arm movement later should you need radiotherapy.

    Take care, G n' J

  • Thank you for your reply. 

    I’m getting the full results on Monday so will know my treatment plan then. Am dreading it. 

    My arm is dead but hurting and I’m trying to do the excersises and keep it moving. 


    Tinker bell xx