Removal of implant and Diep Flap reconstruction

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Hi, I was originally diagnosed with high grade DCIS (at the age of 50) and the plan was for a lumpectomy and radiotherapy.  Unfortunately after lumpectomy there were no clear margins and I underwent a mastectomy in May 2018 (8cm DCIS was found) with immediate reconstruction with an implant from which I recovered pretty quickly.

As I only weigh around 116kg with a BMI of 20 I have a lot of rippling around the implant and still wear a prosthetic on the 'good' side for symmetry.  My consultant originally recommended lipomodelling to fill out the rippling of the implant and to uplift the good side.  Due to my low BMI i was referred to another consultant who immediately made it clear that implants weren't his area, advised of the increase in implant related cancers and recommended that my implant was removed and i underwent diep flap reconstruction using my stomach and thighs. 

Having been shown the scarring and reading up on the possible complications and restrictions following surgery I was gutted.  I weight train 4 times a week (25yrs) and also go to pole fitness (2yrs) which requires good core strength.  I've always looked after myself and the thought of the scarring and having physical restrictions over a period of time would just impact me too much. 

I'm currently making enquiries to get a 2nd opinion (privately and on the NHS) but wondered if there were any other slim built women who have undergone this procedure and what the outcome has been like both in respect of the scarring and abdominal strength.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

  • Hi and a very warm welcome to the online community

    I have not had to make these decisions myself but I can understand why you want to make sure that you're making the best possible decision for you.

    As well as posting in this group could I recommend that you join and post your question in the breast cancer group as I'm sure there are lots of women there who will have been through the same decision making process as you are at the moment. Clicking on the link I've created will take you to that group if you'd like to join.


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