DIEP surgery - concerns about scars

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Hello,  I am considering my surgery reconstruction choices (I can have reconstruction at same time as mastectomy on left breast).  My breast surgeon has recommended DIEP surgery but I am very concerened about the scarring that I will be left with post-op and would be grateful for any advice.

If you have undergone DIEP surgery please get in touch and tell me your thoguhts about your post-op scars.  Have they settled, faded, healed well?  Do have any regrets and wish you had chosen implants?

I am torn between chosing DIEP or implant, and any feedback would be helpful.  I am worried that post DIEP op I will look down at my body and only see a big scar smiling back at me.

Thank you so much

  • Hi  and welcome to the online community

    I can't give you any help regarding reconstruction choices but I can point you towards the breast cancer group where you'll find lots of very helpful people who can tell you about their experiences with reconstruction.

    If you'd like to join the group just click on the link I've created and then choose 'join this group' on the page that opens. You could then copy and paste your post into a new message after clicking on 'start a discussion'.


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