Your Favourite Ways to Relax and Have Fun

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The Online Community Team recently published a blog about giving yourself 'permission' to rest and relax. If you'd like to take a look, you can find it here:

Feeling guilty when you rest - relaxation, hobbies and self-care during cancer fatigue

While writing, it got us wondering: what do our Online Community members like to do when they need a break? We have many thousands of members, so there must be many thousands of different ideas out there. We thought it might be handy to have a thread where you can share your favourite relaxation activities with other Community members, and in turn it could be a great place to pick up some new ideas for yourself.

So now it's over to you. What are your favourite things to do when you need some rest and relaxation? Let us know with a reply below!

  • I like to do genealogy as if you get stuck on one branch of the family you can do another.It’s an easy interest to do when you are recovering from surgery and there are a few free sites to get you started.I also love reading,drawing/painting,sewing and listening to music.I play the piano but I don’t have one at the moment.Jane 

  • I can’t exert myself too much as my breathing isn’t good whilst I wait for Lung Surgery. Reading is one of my favourite occupations,especially about history.I also love walking but have to pace myself now and sit down to rest.Usually I don’t bother much with Wimbledon , but have enjoyed watching a few games in each match. Luckily the view from my second floor bedroom window is of beautiful mature trees. So I can watch the clouds drifting across the sky and listen to the birds singing.Life is good,despite my “ lodger” in my Lung,who luckily is “ indolent”and I am happy for it not to grow any more thank you !


  • Interesting Question that one:

    * I an a post radiotherapy prostate cancer member of the community and at 67 years old still working (my wife likes to go shopping!!) so in my spare time I find taking our two rescue dogs (a border collie and greyhound) out for long walks - it helps with the tiredness and fatigue and to keep my weight down.

    * I live in Oldham in the Greater Manchester area and I love to spend time on the internet researching our local Railway History - there's so much history out there I am always finding new items from photographs to written memories to accident reports - it's a slice of social history.

    I think it's me but to be honest I don't do "rest and relaxation"  -even a spare two hours, I will jump on a bus - go to the local library and find some factual history books to take home for "bed time study".

    Perhaps I need to learn to relax and rest - since my cancer journey has a happy ending - even though it's not over - I now relish every spare second!!

    Best wishes to one and all and I hope this helps.


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  • I keep myself occupied watching local sport or sport on tv, doing a daily crossword. Also reading books and listening to classical music I haven’t had the time for while working. Trying to use this enforced break from work as a chance to do these things.

  • Hi Millibob,I’m not one for rest and relaxation either.I do a lot of research as I collect old photographs and like to identify mystery places and people.I used to work for a local history unit.Jane 

  • Hi Jane

    I have just read your profile - you have been through the mill and then put through it again!! I hope you are doing well now.

    I think on a personal note, a cancer diagnosis is a "wake up call". I nearly died Christmas Eve/Christmas day 2021 caused by the lack of kidney function brought on by the cancer. Thanks to prompt action by the NHS I am here to tell the tale.

    Once you are on an even keel - you know where you are going and you get your life back together - for me I have found there isn't time to hang about doing nothing. Yes I do the "normal things, go and visit family etc and even watch TV (documentary programmes). but I enjoy life to the full!!

    Best wishes


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  • Hi Brian,I’m glad to hear you pulled through.I’m doing well thanks.My mother died in January last year and I have been busy clearing the family home ready to put it on the market.I’ll be looking for a new place that is more manageable and cheaper to run.I enjoy life thanks to the skill of my surgeon.Best wishes Jane 

  • Hi. After tests & diagnosis followed by being signed off work for the whole of March this year whilst I tried to get my head round incurable cancer.

    im back at work in an office but find I can’t do a whole day any more due to tiredness. I come home at lunch time & was staring out at the garden seeing what needed to be done, and fretting.

    now I’ve started knitting again. Following a pattern fills the gap in my mind that I was using to think too much, What ifs, why, when? Now not only is my mind occupied, but a have something to show for my resting times. Win, win. 

  • Hi all,

    Thanks so much for the brilliant contributions so far. It's been a real privilege to read about the things you like to do! In the hope we might inspire even more folks to add their own suggestions, here are some of my favourite leisure activities:

    • Walking, canoeing, golf
    • Reading factual/historical articles (the more weird/intriguing, the better!)
    • Watching obscure documentaries on YouTube
    • Visiting places on Google Earth and exploring in "Street View"
    • Learning about extremely remote islands. I am obsessed with them. Is that weird? Yes.

    I look forward to hearing more about yours!

    All the best,
    Macmillan Online Community Team

  • I love being out in my garden, it just brings a real positivity to my life watching all the flowers bloom. I am currently landscaping in my new home which is taking time but I know it will be beautiful when it is done and I can play with my daughters on the soon to be new lawn Slight smile