Scalp care

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Good morning lovely peeps, I've lost my hair now and noticed that my scalp is dry. Just wondered if there were.any recommendations/suggestions for what you use? I use nivea soft moisturiser so was gSlight smileng to give that a try. Thanks and have a good day Slight smile

  • I have been using the Cornish Seaweed Conpany hair and scalp oil for the last week and it’s really nice. All natural ingredients. My hair is starting to grow through now so I have an itchy, dry stubbly head, this product makes ir feel nice and soft. I have also been using their face oil which is really nice too (I have fairly oily skin anyway and was dubious, but my skin feels nice and soft) x

  • If you are still in treatment though you may need to check with your team as this is a detoxifying product also x

  • Ok cool, thank you very much. Still got 5 rounds of chemo to go so will check with my med team Slight smile