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Hi all,

I have just been diagnosed with IDC Grade 1. I found a lump, it’s 13mm. I am in total shock. I am just waiting to find out what the receptors are.

I already have a Lumpectomy booked in for the end of this month and then depending on the receptors, the rest of the treatment plan will folloW

i am 41 years old. I have a 17 month old little girl. Last year was the hardest year as I was in an awful relationship with my daughters father, I left and am now a single Mum. This diagnosis is literally the cherry on the top Cry

I am feeling so down and lonely, I know it’s normal to feel like this but how do you stay positive, I really don’t want to spend another year feeling low.

  • Hi Twinkle25, really sorry to hear your news itas all such a shock right now i know. Like you said its normal to feel down and sad being told this news, but here on this site i hope you wont feel so lonely. Its all so overpowering in the begining and its a lot to take in. You will hear this a lot on this site but once you know what treatment you are going to have it will be a lot easier to handle. Its all the unknown what freaks us all out i know i have been on this road a long time. I was first dignosed 20 years ago and look i am still here, a little battererd but here never the less. You have the best incentive to stay positive your 17 month old little girl thats all you will need. Trust me children give us the will to carry on. Having cancer is a challenge but so many of us get through it, its not what we want but its what we have, so trust yourself to get through you are a lot stronger than you think. I wish you all the best Dawn x

  • Hi Twinkle 25, well I don’t have anything positive to say except that you are not alone in this nightmare of a situation. I do know that I want to be around for as long as I can for my 2 girls(I am a single parent), so I’m going to keep fighting. Part of the fight is to potter around this site and drawing strength from the positive experiences and words of encouragement from the lovely people in here.