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Hello again. Today I have had the results of my most recent CT scan following a double mastectomy. The good news is there is no cancer on the cancerous side including in my armpit.
However, there is now an enlarged lymph node in my neck (the non cancerous side Fingers crossed tone1) that they want to check. I am to have a scan and potential biopsy on Monday. My dr has said it may be stress caused from all my surgery or something more sinister. Has anyone had anything similar? Playing the waiting game once again is becoming unbearable. TIA xx

  • Hi Millie,

    I haven't personally had that experience, but a friend who also had breast cancer had this exact experience. A bit less than a year after she finished her treatment, she had an enlarged lymph node in her neck and naturally presumed the worst. I can't remember all the details, but I remember that it turned out to be nothing. I hope that the same will be true for you and you don't have to wait for too long to find out xx

  • Thank you for this reply. I’ve had my results back, and thankfully it was nothing. Just unfortunately was a few extra weeks of worry. Xx