Stick on eyebrows

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I'm looking for recommendations for stick on eyebrows 


  • Hi Cookiemonster75 welcome to the forum. Im assuming that you have had chemo and have lost your eyebrows? I wonder of you have  Boots Chemist nearby you with a Number 7 make up counter in the store? If so, if you pop in and see them you can make a Macmillan 20minutes appointment with them and they can advise you re all aspects of make up after treatment including eyebrows. . Best wishes . 


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  • Hi there, if you havent yet had chemo, you could try a powder brow or microblading.You can do that after chemo even, if you are cautious and careful about the timing. Perhaps ask your team if that is an option for you. I had a powder brow pre chemo and when my eyebrows fell out in a patchy way you really couldn't tell. I was also able to do a colour in the lines thing with an eyebrow pencil.

  • Thanks I m having chemo at mo, and now lost my eyebrows. They re were fair, so thought about the temporary stick on ones.

    Didn't really  want anything permanent.