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Hi, I was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2017 when I was 36. It started with a small lump in my breast and I underwent surgery followed by chemotherapy and radiation. I was then fortunate to be clear for two years after which I had a relapse and the cancer was back in the same breast and lymph nodes. I was then given the sandwich regime where I started with chemo to shrink the mass and then double mastectomy with lymph node removal and then back to completion of chemo and radiation. I completed my treatment in 2021 and now two years later once again after my PET scans there has been some irregularity reported in my liver, lungs and bones. While the doctors are pretty it is fairly recent as I had an MRI which came clear just 3 months back, it is still a terrible situation to be diagnosed for the third time. I am HER2 +++ both previous times and this time a sample has just been taken from my liver and we are awaiting biopsy results. 

I am a mother to two beautiful girls who keep me going and have given my the inspiration to fight. Looking for support and a forum through this journey. 

  • I am so sorry to hear that your cancer is back again. You sound like an incredible lady who keeps positive. I read something about turkey tail mushrooms and HER2 positive cancer, alongside regular treatment from the oncologist. Yes to cancer is a website full of hopeful stories too. Very much thinking of you and hope that you get the answers to your plan really soon. Maybe post on  the breast cancer forum too as traffic on the under 50s site is less frequent. xxx