Don’t feel normal anymore

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Hi everyone, 

I was diagnosed with breast cancer 4 weeks ago and absolutely still can’t believe how my life has changed overnight. I’m 43 years old, eat healthy, don’t smoke or drink and have somehow found myself in this sad position. My family and friends have been great but obviously they can’t understand and I just feel completely different now and not normal anymore. 

  • Hi Sia43 welcome to the forum. Sadly you have found to your cost that Cancer doesn't discriminate and strikes randomly for us all when we least expect it.  Like you many of us dont smoke dont drink eat healthily and still get Cancer. so it is totally random.

    I can imagine that you may feel differently but you are perfectly normal I assure you of that.  


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  • Hi Gail 

    Thank you so much for welcoming me and replying. 

    You’re absolutely right Cancer doesn’t discriminate. 

    I’m starting Chemotherapy in a few weeks, so daunting it’s unreal 

  • Hi,

    Sorry you are in this p

  • Hi,

    Sorry you're in this position.  It's such a shock when you're young and don't have any unhealthy lifestyle choices.  Feels so unfair and such a shock.  You're right that family and friends don't understand as much as they try and it can feel quite isolating.  This forum is definitely helpful. 

  • Hi   I was also 43 when I was diagnosed and don’t smoke, exercise and eat healthily. I do have the odd drink but not to excess so like others have said, it’s completely random and unfair! I’ve nearly completed my chemo now and still don’t think it’s all sunk in yet. It’s a lot to get your head around. I have one friend at work who had cancer years ago and talking to her has been invaluable,  It might be worth seeing if there any support groups near you so you can talk to people who have been through this.  Good luck with your treatment 

  • hI  I can identify on all levels. I was 36. I'm now 42. It'd be interesting to find out how you're getting on now?