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Hi everyone I’m new here I’m 31 iv just had a beautiful baby girl 4.5 months ago and for 2 months iv been experiencing some shark shooting breast pains in my left breast. I visited my dr and explained, I’m not breastfeeding so mastitis was quickly ruled out, the dr felt my breasts and where the area of pain is she felt breast thickening and has sent an urgent referral to the breast clinic for suspected breast cancer. I’m sorry if you’re only allowed to join if your have been diagnosed as I haven’t been yet I’m still waiting for my referral. I’m very scared it’s 5am I can’t sleep with worry. When I was pregnant with my now 4 year old son I was taken into hospital with a suspected PE (pulmonary embolism) I was given a chest x ray, Vk scan, CT and MRI, they were all clear but I was told I had an increased risk of breast cancer in the next 5 years which is playing on my mind too. I also have other children oldest is 13, so I’m extremely worried about my appointment but trying hard to hold myself together but don’t have anyone to talk too, I did try talking to my mum she said ohhh it will be blocked milk ducts and brushed it off she just doesn’t understand my worry. The pain started 2 month ago as a sharp pain one morning when I got dressed I felt my breasts to see if I could locate this pain but no matter where I touched or prodded I couldn’t make this pain come back, it kept coming back as I changed positions or lifted my arms up or mainly as I learnt to wards the floor, since then I get episodes of an ache lasting hours, the sharp pain comes on lasting a bit longer and I can now locate the pain it’s on the outside of my left breast and the pain shoots up towards my arm pit, I didn’t tell the dr exactly where the pain was until after she examined me and had to click the areas on the form to send off but she felt a particular area where she felt lumpyness and said it was thickening and that’s exactly where it hurt. I’m very scared I’m having another sharp pain right now they are becoming more and more often and frequent where as at first it was 2-3 times a day now its 10-15 times a day. Did anyone’s story start off like this? Does the pain sound like how breast cancer pain starts? 

  • Hello. Welcome to the forum.  Do forgive an old lady answering.  I'm not in this group but I saw your message come up in a list of unanswered ones.  I'm sorry this is frightening you so much.  It's hard when you don't know what's going on.  Pain isn't a feature of all breast cancers, and I've had none, though others have.  I can't diagnose you but your doctor is right to refer you, even just to get cancer ruled out.  Something after all is causing the thickening, and it seems to be irritating the nerves there, just as any swollen thing would.  This is just my view from what you've said.  I hope someone with a similar experience will reply to you soon, but keep reading the forum even if they don't see your message to reply to it.  You have a right to be here with your concern.  Enjoy your beautiful baby and just write down anything you think of to tell the specialist as it's easy to forget when you get there. :)

  • Hi, I really hope you get good news, the waiting is so so hard, I can’t imagine how you feel when you also have a baby to care for. I really hope your body is just readjusting from your preganancy and you get the all clear and are pain free soon!

    My cancer pain was only in my lymph in my armpit, not in the tumour in my breast. It felt like a dull ache/swollen type pain and was a little sore to touch. It wasn’t a sharp pain unless I lifted my arm high when it felt like a skin pulling pain… I could see and feel cording in my armpit into my arm up to my elbow  (similar looking to the tendons on the inside of your wrist). That’s just my experience of cancer causing pain. I really really hope you get your answers quickly. I found out via an ultrasound and then. Confirmation biopsy on my armpit (axilla) as I have dense breasts the mammogram didn’t show the cancer up in my breast only the ultrasound and then later MRI so if you’re young as you are and recently pregnant I’m sure you’ll be offered ultrasound or MRI too just to make sure. 
    All my best wishes to you and your family, Rach Xx 

  • Thank you for sharing. Since two days ago my breast doesn’t fit into my bra anymore but the other side does I don’t know what’s happening it’s all got me so worried I still haven’t had my letter from the hospital I do hope they hurry up

  • Thank you for your reply I’m just so on edge my Breast no longer fits in my bra for the last 2 days it’s aching most of the time now I wish my appointment would hurry up so I can find out what is happening 

  • I’m so sorry, the waiting is always the worst and other people don’t quite get how hard it is waiting and worrying. I hope you get your appointment very soon Xx