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Hi Everyone, 

I'm new onto the forum.  It's awful that we're all here, but good to know there is support out there.  I live in Ayrshire in Scotland and I've not been able to find a support group near me.

I found my breast cancer aged 46, I've had a mastectomy (11.5cm tumour), 24 lymph nodes removed, 6 rounds of chemo, 15 sessions of radiotherapy.  Luckily, it  hasn't spread.  I'm currently on induced menopause and taking daily exemestane.  I've also to get 6 monthly bone infusions.  Just about to start a new chemo drug that's just come out of trials to prevent the cancer returning.

I had loads of side effects from chemo, losing my hair, nails falling off, pins and needles in hands and feet, I've also got lymphoedema in my arm and hand.  Still dealing with all of that.

So, apart from all that I'm doing great. Slight smile  

No really, I'm feeling positive about the future and knowing there's loads of other people going through the same is comforting.  It can be a lonely place when your friends/family don't know exactly what you're going through.

Sending loads of positivity and love to you all.

Michelle xxx

  • Hi Michelle, it's good to hear the positivity in your post, I believe that really helps our ability to deal with everything.  My experience of friends and family  is that they try really hard, but I agree, find it difficult to truly understand. This group is a lot of help, though the regular Breast Cancer forum is usually busiest than this particular one, and you can chat and post on both.  Best wishes 

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