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I was first diagnosed with HER2+ Breast Cancer in July 2020 - right in the middle of lockdown. Yay! Face palm tone2‍♀️

After chemo, surgery, radiotherapy and targeted treatment, and a year and a half of getting back to ‘normal’, I have just been told I have cancer again. I would really love to hear from others who have had recurrence of BC. I feel very differently about it all this time and would appreciate hearing some positive stories. Thank you! 

  • Him  so very sorry to hear of your recurrence.  I noticed you've not had any answer here yet, maybe because this group has a smaller number of participants than some others.

    I suggest you repost in the main Breast Cancer group, it's very busy and whilst the folks on there are of all ages, I am sure you'll find someone with experiences to share. Here's the link for you Breast Cancer Forum

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