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Hello Wave 

I’m Billie, a newbie.

I have triple positive breast cancer and had my first EC chemo 2 weeks ago. 

  • Welcome to the group, though sorry you are here too. Hope the EC was OK for you. Are you on 2 or 3 weekly cycles? There's always support here or on the general breast cancer forum, which I generally find is faster to respond. 

  • Thanks.
    3 weekly. I’ve struggled with it tbh. The first 11 days were really tough, but last few days have been much better. A week left to recover and then repeat… 

  • Hi! 

    Sorry you find yourself here but it really is a great resource and source of support and inspiration.

    I'm also triple positive and was diagnosed on March 24th, a day I'll never forget! I've been through the chemo and recently had a mastectomy. 

    Sorry to hear that you've had a difficult start to your treatments. Make sure you note all your side effects because your oncologist will ask about them. Mainly to try to reduce them going forward.

    Hopefully your next cycle will be easier, they do vary a bit.

    Take care!

    Mads xx