Hi young ladies, anyone lives in Southeast London?

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I was diagnosed on 9 June and started chemotherapy early July. When I received my treatment for the first time, I was the only young person in the chemo ward. I met a 31 yr old lady the 2nd time, we become friends. 

  • Hi There 

    diagnosed with breast cancer February 2022 aged 46. 
    I live in the SE18 area.

  • Hi dear, thanks for the message. I am in Bromley and 45. Assume you have finished the treatment?

  • Hi There 

    No not finished. I was put on letrozole and zoladex implants. Been told my surgery will be anniversary of my treatment starting. So no surgery till February. No up to date mammogram or scans or MRI. Nothing till January 

  • Are you on hormone therapy before surgery? So if I understand it correctly- one year treatment before surgery? I’m under neoadjuvant chemotherapy for 5 months, followed by mastectomy and radiotherapy. Then I will be on hormone therapy for 5 years 

  • Yes I’m on the hormone therapy. It’s put me in a mechanical menopause. But I have been told periods can start up again afterwards. So I asked my consultant for hysterectomy. He point blank said No.

  • I thought Uk don’t offer hormone therapy before surgery. What’s your type of BC? My is 8/8 ER/PR positive, HER2 negative. Does it shrink the tumor? Why did the doc say no? I don’t have period after my chemo started 

  • Mine is Grade 2 invasive lobular. Estrogen hormone positive. That’s all I know. My Drs don’t seem to be telling me anything 

  • You may be able to have your ovaries removed once you are of a certain age. Am not sure what the age would be where you live. They still would not remove your uterus - it is the oestrogen that is the issue rather than the presence of a uterus or not. Chemo usually tends to put premenopausal and peri-menopausal women in to a temporary or permanent menopause. If you are really young, your periods might well return. I think that is why they blocked your ovaries chemically to stop your oestrogen production. If your cancer is oestrogen positive you will receive hormone blocking therapy after chemo - either tamoxifen or an aromatase inhibitor - for 5-10 years. Mine was not started until after both chemo and radiotherapy was finished.

  • My Drs don’t tell me anything. See them every 3 months and at each appointment it’s carry on with treatment we will see you in 3 months. They have never explained my long term plans.