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Had a double mastectomy recently.

Always feel sad each time I go into hospital and see only the elderly people.  Question to God is always "what am I doing here amongst these grandparents". I feel it is unfair and so out of place.

Anyone else can relate?

How do you deal with it?

  • It is hard when you feel too young to have cancer. I am guessing that you are very young with Breast Cancer. It does feel unfair whenever life throws cancer at us. There are cancer support groups specifically for younger people - would that be better for you? I try not to think about age too much - lots of people on the chemo unit are there for cancers that are not breast cancer and its a fact of life that cancer is more likely to happen as we age. It is just hard when there seems to be no one to relate to in the chemo room or clinic. I have had some great conversations with older people though and struck up a bit of a chemo buddy friendship with a lady quite a bit older than me, who was having the same chemo. We compared notes quite a bit about chemo, I learned quite a lot about bee-keeping and enjoyed her company. Sometimes there are surprises to be found where we least expect them x