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Hi all 

I have just been diagnosed with breast cancer back on 21.01.22 at the age of 29. Last week only 4 days before my 30th birthday I had a mastectomy and all nodes removed from my left side. I’m currently in recovery from the op before I start my chemo treatment in the coming weeks. 
I have a lot of swelling and pain, the pain however seems to be more in my left arm, it is very sore and tender. I also have a numb but at the same time painful sensation under my arm. Does anyone have any experience of this? Will the feeling come back and pain go away? It’s been 10 days since my op and the pain and swelling is showing no signs of improvement. My wound from the mastectomy is healing really well but I’m having more issues with my arm and under arm. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


  • Hi and welcome to the forum.  Pain after surgery can take quite a while to go away and the swelling can take even longer.  So what you are experiencing should all be normal but if you have any concerns check in with your medical team.  The swelling after having only 4 nodes removed took months to go in my case.  The pain was there a while too but I was on strong pain meds so that was fine for me.

    The main thing I think to look out for is signs of infection - fever, redness, pain, skin feeling warmer to the touch.

    Wishing you a speedy recovery.

  • Hi thanks for your reply. the last two days have been much better, pain is more manageable and I’m able to move my arm a lot more. I think the fact I seen no improvement for over a week had me worried however things are much better today so just going to be a long process I think. Not used to the lack of independence and just want to be better yesterday so I can get back to my normal self lol

  • I remember the feeling well .  It's very frustrating not to be able to do what you used to but slowly slowly you will get there. You're body has been through a major trauma and it will take a bit of time.  Hope things are continuing to improve.