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Has anyone gone on holiday between chemotherapy and radiotherapy? I planned to go away after radiotherapy as we were told we could go 2 weeks later but my consultant told me yesterday I won’t be well enough until at least November (which means we can’t go anywhere in Europe due to the weather). I’m coping well with chemo, I’m still working and I’m generally ok.

I understand there’s far bigger things we’re all managing and I know a holiday isn’t the most important thing but we’ve been promising our daughter we will go away in September when this is all over and I just feel like I’ve let her down again.

Does anyone knowing you can go away between chemo and radiotherapy such as Jersey? Thank you 

  • Hi  

    I disagree with you and think that holidays are important and that they give you something to look forward to as well as being a way to forget about cancer for a while.

    I went away on holiday, between finishing my chemo and starting radiotherapy, but it was in this country. 

    My main concern was that my immune system would still be severely compromised so I didn't want to put myself at risk mixing with other people on planes or ferries. We have a motorhome so I was able to go away but still keep my distance from others.

    I hope you manage to sort something out and have a lovely time. 

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  • Thank you for replying, I really appreciate it. I think I was just so frustrated with another change in goal posts and being desperate to have some normality but on reflection I wouldn’t be comfortable on a plane. We usually do a lot of camping, my goal is to get a campervan! Having something to look forward to certainly helps and aUK break will be lovely.  X