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I had a mastectomy with reconstruction is October. I’ve since gone onto chemo and have just finished my radio. I’d like to start using something on my scars to help them heal. I’d like to use something as natural as possible - does anyone have any recommendations? Thank you x

  • Hi JelloH welcome to the forum and sorry that you have not had a response as yet. I can appreciate why you want to start using something on your scars but Im wondering if its worth waiting a little while after Radiotherapy to allow the skin around the breast area to settle down fully before any massaging happens if that makes sense?  The skin can be very fragile, for a long time after Radiotherapy hence why I am suggesting caution. When you are ready to get something I think BIO OIL is the one of choice and is very kind to sensitive skin as well. 


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  • Thank you for replying to my post. Yes I agree to waiting a little while, I just wanted to get a little prepared so that in a few weeks I can start. I am continuing with the moisturiser I have been using throughout my treatment xxx