Cold cap progress

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Hi all, 

This is a little post of hope to anyone who is about to under go the cold cap. This is my hair 14 days after finishing my final of 6 rounds of chemo.  

I know everyone’s story is different but I almost didn’t even try the cold cap as I had heard so many stories of them not working. The cold cap is tough i can’t lie but I am glad I did try. 

Sending love to everyone who is feeling nervous about starting chemo Yellow heart

Can anyone say how long after their final round they began to treat their hair a little more normally? Thank you!

  • Hi, I’m due my first dose tomorrow.  I’m going to have EC , which I’ve been told don't bother thinking the cold cap will work because it’s a strong drug.  So, I’ve hair extensions in and I’m not likSparkling hearty to get them taken out now for tomorrow.  So, I may as well forget the cold cap now.  And have given up hope that I could keep a full head of natural hair by a fortnight.  I am happy to see that it worked for youSparkling heart

  • I started EC yesterday and I was encouraged to try the cold cap by the oncologist and breast nurse. I have thick hair so I’m hoping I can keep a lot of it. The nurse said I’ll probably lose some hair by 2-3 weeks but it should ease off. 

  • Thank you for your post, I have just decided to give cold cap a go when I start my chemo journey on 3/6/24, Did you take any hair conditioner or spray water bottles with you to prep your hair for the cap or was it all provided at the chemo centre?  Did you use a protective hair band for around your forehead and was the cold cap treatment discussed with you in detail before you started it. Thanks for any info

  • How are you after your first round? Hope you’re doing good xx

  • How are you doing? Hope you’re feeling ok xx

  • I only took a headband with me (one with material based). The hospital wet my hair and covered it with conditioner. It was briefly mentioned by the oncologist and I asked if I needed to prepare my hair and he said the nurses will do it. 

  • I’m not too bad thanks. I was very constipated over the weekend and today I’ve had a headache for most of the afternoon. Think it’s due to the filgrastatin injections which I started yesterday. How are you going? 

  • It’s definitely worth a try, I knew it was possible it wouldn’t work but you don’t know unless you give it a go. 

    My hospital provide the hair prep so I didn’t need to take anything in but I had a phone call specifically about scalp cooling before my first session so I knew I didn’t need to take anything in. 
    I used gauze on my forehead to block some cold but a headband might have been more effective. I also took paracetamols before scalp cooling. 

    I used the faith in natural fragrance free shampoo and conditioner from Holland and Barret and have slept in a silk bonnet every night xx

  • Hi,

    thanks for sharing. I am on AC-T coming up to final round of AC with cold cap then starting taxol. Hair started shedding on day 25 and is coming out about a palm full each day. I am hoping shedding will slow down for Taxol. Anyone who has been through it would love to hear?

    It still isn’t noticeable but worried that the next round will drastically change things. Still glad I did it as to be six weeks in is still a plus and by all accounts even if I lose nearly all the cap helps growth. But still dreading the inevitable coming.