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I noticed a small rash on my left breast at the bottom.   Saw a GP and said it was possibly an infection or breast cellitus and he put me on an antibiotic he does not think it is cancer at this stage as he did a breast exam and said there was no lump or bumps.  I had been on a recent antibotic  Flucloxacillin as I got a dog bit which I finished last Thursday and now he has put me on co-oxamical.   I should of asked questions would the fluxloaxcillan not have killed the infection if it was in my system.   

  • Hi Shanliss welcorne to the forum and I am sorry to hear how worried that your are. It does sound like a bit of cellulitis which I had as well  and also had Anti- biotics to treat this. However, I have since discovered that when this flares up for me I need  a 2 week course of Flucloxacillin and not the standard 1 week most of us have. That maybe why they have given you another anti-biotic to take to clear up any infection still lingering.  Hope thats useful and offers some re-assurance for you. Keep an eye on it and if it doesnt clear up go please go   back to the GP .


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  • Thats for this.   That gives me some reassurance here.     What symptoms did you have.  I have no pain.   I have also read in some severe cases the infection can take may be up to 4 weeks.   I have also been reassured that usually redness in breast is not a sign of cancer except for in Inflammtory Breast Cancer but this usually covers a large amount of the breast at least 1/3.  I am hoping for the best.  I am a born worrier. 

  • Does it feel any different compared to your other breast? Sometimes you need a longer course of anti biotics. I had this but my rash was quite large and it felt different? I was diagnosed with cancer but yours sounds more likely an infection. 

  • No my breast does not felt different that the other one.   I was told that the infection is only on the surface.   

  • That’s a positive sign. Go back to your GP if it doesn’t get better and see what they advise. Sounds more like an infection or cellulitis. 

  • I think it is also a postive sign that GP was not overly worried about it and did not suspect cancer. 

    Can I ask did you have Inflammatory Breast Cancer as I know the rash for it can be large covering at least 1/3 of breast. 

  • No I have invasive ductal cancer. 

  • How are you now?  

  • I’m not too bad thanks. Very sore as had surgery on Friday. It’s more on my arm and shoulder as struggle with movement. How are you doing?

  • It is just the stress of this and thinking the worst.  I have been on that antibiotic for 3 days and no improvement.  May be it just takes time but it there is no improvement after finish antibiotic I will go back to GP.   He told me to that and I would of done that anyway.