27 inflammatory breast cancer

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Hi all,

Looking for anyone around 27 or under 30 who has been diagnosed or anyone who has had IBC. Please shed some positive light  - all I tend to hear is ‘oh you are young!’ 

I was diagnosed back in November after discovering lump under left breast in September month after followed by swelling, alot of pain and then redness. Back and forth from GP as not easy to diagnose, they thought matisis, so prescribed antibiotics and eventually refered for a scan. (Not got kids) Started chemo after 2 weeks of diagnosis and nearly finished. Tumour has shrunk from 7cm to around half the size. Due to have Diep flap surgery followed by radiotherapy. My diagnosis is ER+/PR-/HER2-, in lymph nodes. No family history, genetics show no BRCA gene. 

Would be great to hear from anyone who has similar diagnosis and positive stories. You can never be too young!!! Xx

  • Hi Pinkgirly, sorry to hear your news, I hope your treatment is going well. While I'm a few years older than you I'm still apparently classed as young for BC. When I was looking for positive stories and support I came across a charity called Shine cancer support, they're not specifically for breast cancer but for younger people, there were some positive stories on their website which helped me and they have a FB group if you prefer that. Good luck Xxx