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I've finished round 4 of EC chemo for breast cancer and have 4 rounds of Dicetaxel next. Apart from some tiredness and nausea immediately after treatment and some mild mouth problems, I have been feeling ok. 

We have a short break booked at Easter which was booked before diagnosis. The site has a small swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna and steam room. I really want to be able to do these things, especially with my son. I've read conflicting advice online. Anyone here done similar?


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    I went away between treatments of EC and also while on paclitaxel but we have a motorhome so I was able to keep myself away from other people and I avoided crowded places to minimise the chance of picking up an infection. The sites we went to didn't have swimming pools, etc so I didn't have to make that sort of decision but, if they had, I wouldn't have used them.

    Probably the best person to get a definitive answer from would be your BCNS.

    I hope you have a lovely break.

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  • My physio said no to swimming and gym until after chemo- said pools are not the cleanest places. My daughter did catch a bug from a pool once, all the children were ill - hadnt thought of that before I asked her if swimming would be good for my mastectomy scar/arm. Im not allowed sauna / steam room after lymph node removal as it raises risk of lymphodoema

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