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Hi everyone, 

I’m due to start my first of 6 rounds of chemo this Friday. Are there any tips anyone has to help me prepare? Useful things to take? What I should do with my hair? (I’m trying the cold cap) anything that made you more comfortable? 

Thank you! Xx

  • Hi  

    I didn't cold cap so can't help you there.

    I wore trousers that were easy to pull up and didn't have fastenings as I had a cannula in my hand so it was easier when going to the toilet.

    It was always very warm in the unit but I took a carry that I could put round my shoulders if necessary.

    My unit provided drinks and biscuits so I didn't take anything to eat or drink with me, and if I was in over lunchtime they provided lunch too.

    Otherwise, you need to take things to keep you amused, ie phone, iPad, puzzles, books, etc as you're sitting there for a long time.

    It's a good idea to drink plenty of water before you go as it makes getting the cannula in much easier.

    All the best for Friday 

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  • Hi millie123, take in a cloth hairband to put around your forehead - the cold cap goes on to your forehead but because there is no hair there it can get super cold (the hairband will help). Hope it goes as well as it can! I finished my 6 rounds in December - wasn’t too bad! Xxx

  • Will do, thanks, hadn’t thought about that. Did you have success with the cooling cap? It’s one of my biggest worries xx

  • hi Mille224…No it didn’t work - my hair started to fall out after the 3rd round. I found it emotional when it was falling out but then I shaved it off - felt so much better when I did - it meant I wasn’t crying every time I brushed my hair. I have a wig but I mostly wear scarves or nothing. It is worth having a think about what you would do if it doesn’t work. I know it’s worrying - but you will get through it and you will be so proud of yourself when you do. All the best - sending you lots of positive vibes xxxx

    ps also take in conditioner…. when they wet your hair run some conditioner through it - it will reduce tangling.

  • I’ve got a wig that I’m waiting for, there was a 4-6 week lead time and I’m 2 weeks down. I’m hoping I can hold out for it. My oncologist said cold caps are really successful but judging by a lot of other women, it doesn’t sound like they are. I’m prepared for hair loss as upsetting as it is xx