Due to start chemo in next few weeks - question about acrylic nails and hair dye

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  1. I feel really silly asking about something that feels so fickle at the moment.   I just wanted some advice because I've got some pre-made appointments coming up and I'm not sure if to cancel them or not.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer 5 days ago.  I've been told that chemo will start just before or just after Christmas. 

Can people undergoing chemo have acrylic nails or manicures?  I get mine done regularly and have an appointment on 22/12 and want to know if i should just get them removed and go natural ahead of the treatmentstarting?  I imagine my nails will be weak durring and after chemo?

Also I get my hair bleached.  I'm due to have it done on 23/12/23 and its expensive.  Can someone's undergoing chemo continue to have their hair coloured? I know there is a high chance I will lose my hair.  I'll be having the freezing cap with my treatment which I was told works for 1 in 3 people.  But I'm not sure if i should just cancel it and save the money.

Can anyone advise please?

  • Hi   sorry to hear hour diagnosis. Its advised not to have gels or acrylic nails as chemo can damage your nails and if they’re covered, you can’t tell. There’s a really good online course about nail care on lookgoodfeelbetter that’s worth checking out. I used nail oil and rubbed it into my nails 3 times a day and mine were actually stronger after! 

    also with your hair, it’s not advised to use hair dyes or anything harsh on your hair either. Perhaps see if you can get that done before you start chemo! 

    I did do cold cap, it works for a lot but for me i lost about 70% of my hair but still did it til the end as my hair grew back quicker and is now much thicker! 

    all the best for your treatment! 

  • Hi Dolly

    im also starting chemo on 20th December. 

    im getting my gel nails soaked off and been recommended to use a nail hardner and wear black nail polish and moisture hands and nails lots. 

    im also going to try the cold cap and see what happens. Im researching the best shampoos and conditioners to use. You cant dye your hair during chemo but can use root sprays and dry shampoo. 

    im a bit nervous but we can do this and get through it

    Good luck let us know how you get on xx

  • I can recommend faith in nature. You can get it online or at Holland & Barrett. They do lots of different scents and it’s all natural. I tried simple but it just didn’t cut it!

    good luck with your treatment 

  • Thank you so much for your reply Blush 

    I spoke to my nail technician today and arranged to have the acrylics soaked off next week.  I'll definitely start using cuticle oil and nail strengthener so than you for suggesting that.

    I spoke to my hairdresser too.  The plan is to dye it as close to my natural colour ad he can before chemo starts then if my hair doesn't fall out I shouldn't have bad roots!  It's currently platinum blonde so 7 months of roots would look interesting! 

    Great to know that your hair grew back thicker and your nails stronger.  That's really reassuring to know.  Thank you for agaribg that with me.  xx 

  • Hi  thank you gor your reply.   It looks like we will be starting around the same time.  

    I'm get8ng my acrylics soaked off next week abd will buy a nail strengthener and cuticle oil.

    I oordered some shampoo bars from Holland and Barratt today as my hairdresser advised me to stop using my current purple shampoo.   I didn't do any research into it thought bit you've made me think to do some research for next time.  He plans to due May hair close to my natural colour  before starting chemo so hopefully the roots won't be too bad.  My hair is currently platinum blonde.

    I'm with you on the nerves bit we will get through it together Heart️  wishibg you all the luck and health and please keep us updated on how you're getting on.  Xx

  • Ooohhh I know that brand!   I'll have a look. Thank you. I think I've been H&B's best customer since diagnosis! 

  • I’m glad I could help! Hope it all goes well!

  • I've cancelled my Christmas gel nails appointment. Hair- Im at that do I bother colouring next week (I'll be grey if I dont and roots are a mess now Rolling eyes) if Im having chemo in 4-6 weeks then dont see the point. But I might use root spray for Christmas photos. I might cut it a bit shorter, long bob or something instead of colour to get started. I'm just like you said feeling silly thinking all these things but its not for me as much as my children, they're teenagers and its impact on them is just the bottom worst rubbish ever. So I'm no help but just saying I'm with you in this mess that we're muddling through in just the way we need and have to x 

    Ninsim Heart

  • Hi    we're in very much the same time line by the sounds of it.  I'm sorryvthat you're having to go through this too.

    My nail appointment is next Wednesday and I phoned my nail technician and we've agreed she's going to sosk them off for me anddo a manicure with no polish.

    My hair appointment is 23rd December.   I was thinking exactly the same as you and wondering what's the point when I'll be starting chemo soon.  But then if my some miracle I don't lose my hair then the 7+ months of roots eill drive me crazy as my hair is white blonde and my roots ate dark.  So I phoned my hairdresser and he's going to dye it as close to my natural colour as he can so if the roots do come through it shouldn't be as bad.  I think he will also chop it shorter.  He said he will be able to help me to make it look thicker etc if I do lose some. 

    So definitely phone your hair dresser and nail technician if you can ad they might be able to do something for you.

    I'm sorry that your kids will be going through this with you. Its so rubbish but I'm sure they'll admire your strength.  I don't give children but I worry about my partner seeing me looking so poorly when the time comes.

    But we will get through it and feel free to reach out if you want some moral support.  Heart

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