Nodes under my arm feeling sore

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Hey everyone, I got diagnosed with BC about 3 weeks ago and around time I had two biopsy’s one under my arm pit and one in my breast and both came back for cancer and I am now waiting to find out a date for chemo.

my question however is over last couple days I’ve noticed I’m getting like a cramp sensation under my arm pit (lymph nodes )  and it  feels tight almost like I’ve pulled a muscle has anyone else had symptoms like this?

any advice would be lovely

i have HR- HER2 Low breast cancer BTW x

  • Hi S.Power and welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear what's been happening to you although I think what you describe may well be muscles/nerves knitting together again and that can be like a crampy feeling. That said if you remain concerned about this and it is not setlling then I would suggest that you do get in touch with the Breast Team and have a chat with them re these symptoms. Im sure it is ok but best to check with the experts.. xxx 


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