Zoladex (Goserelin)

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My oncologist has suggested that I think about this as an option. I’m on Tamoxifen already and not sure if the side effects out do the benefit.

  • Hello Boodam

    It is always difficult to make decisions about treatments and to decide whether the side effects are worth the benefit. 

    I have found some information about Zoladex that maybe useful in helping make the decision along with your oncologist.

    Goserelin for breast cancer | Macmillan Cancer Support

    Hope this helps



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  • Hi  sorry for the late reply, I have only just seen your post. Although I don’t have breast cancer, I have endometrial stromal sarcoma, and my treatment mirrors breast cancer treatment as my sarcoma is hormone dependent. 

    I am on anastrozole and zoledex. I have been on this treatment now for 9 years! The side effects of zoledex are very similar to the side effects of anastrozole so it is hard to say what is causing which symptom.  The side effects are menopause type symptoms. Hot flushes, brain fog, weight gain, dry skin, thinning hair, aching joints, insomnia are all the symptoms I live with. Some days are better than other, and the hot flushes have become less frequent the longer I have been on the treatment. 

    The zoledex injection looks very daunting. It is a large needle as it contains a small pellet that is injected into your tummy. It stings, but is really not that bad, it certainly looks worse than it is. The injection is usually given every 4 weeks, but as I am on this long term, I have a larger dose every 12 weeks. 

    I wasn’t given the choice, I was just told this is what I am having, but I think I would have it if I had the option, I would personally do everything I can to stop a reoccurrence. 

    Hope this helps xx 


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  • chelle

    thanks for the reply that sound like what I have found out about already, as you say anything to stop reoccurrence. Think I’ll will do it my only issue will be I’m away for a few weeks so will not get one your two of my jars depending on start date.

  • Ask about the 3 monthly one. That’s one reason why I went onto the larger dose so that I could go away without the worry x 


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  • Hi   everything that  says, but a footnote also to say mine was breast. There is another option to Zoladex if you don't like the depot injection, ask about prostap. I have had all three, Anastrozole, Zoladex and Prostap. No idea what's causing what, but I just wanted to mention Prostap as not many people do.