Results after op

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Well it’s been a long wait as I had a lumpectomy and surrounding cells from the tumor taken out along with three lymph’s on the 16th January and finally on Wednesday 15th get results ie if spread or got it all and what treatment plan if all clear 

I phoned a week ago to find out why it’s taking as long for my results as I see on here many of you get results in two weeks or just a little longer 

apparently in Doncaster they’ve gone from 8 pathologists to 1.5 and there’s a shortage on recruitment 

I find it hard to believe and get my head round 

the waiting is the hardest I’m frightened now to go for results as been so long I have grade 2 invasive ductal cancer ER positive PR positive and HER negative 

ove wishes the days away for it to get here and now I’m dreading it xxx