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Hello all, 

I am on my second cycle with EC for breast cancer. MY hands and feet have started becoming very dry. and my cuticles have started becoming black. I am using moisturisers, but still very dry specially around tips of fingers and cuticles, any specific moisturisers that has worked? 

Anyways to tackle the painful fingertips will be very useful too. 

Where ever, we are , in this journey, we will all fight it and come out stronger.

Many thanks. 

  • I’d use a greasy moisturiser, unscented like vaseline. I had pliazon  from the chemo unit which was amazing. I used to pasted my hands in cream and then wear a pair of surgical gloves for a deep treatment. I moisturised every time I washed my hands. I used cetaphil moisturiser as a shower gel. And no scented products at all. I really hope you find the right creams for you.

  • Tropic skincare tamanu is amazing. It is green and smells a little of curry but it is so good to your skin and as a wax type moisturiser it is great for cuticles. My EC was hard on my skin too, I got an all over cream called body love too and I had to put flannels inside plastic bags in the freezer to try to stop the itching from the heat rashes I got.

    I really hope you get some relief. Xx 

  • Hi   I recently joined a zoom about nail care and they recommended nail oil to be rubbed into your cuticles and nails 3 times a day and this apparently helps with the black. Body shop do some really nourishing moisturiser and also sanctuary was has been really good for me with EC

  • Thanks RachelRonks, zephyr  and shellbell24. I got MyriBase Gel from chemo unit. It is a lovely cream, but my fingers are so sore i feel like they have burned. there is constant skin peel from around the nails too... i also feel burning sensation under my foot. Will try the nail oil. 

    Take care all.

  • Oh that sounds so painful. Have you tried ice packs? I’ve heard they can help with the burning. Hope it improves soon x