Genetic Blood Test

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Hello, I had a genetic blood test done just after I was diagnosed with breast cancer in August. I was told it would be a while to arrive and still haven’t received anything. 

can I ask if anyone else bas bad this test and if so how long did it take to arrive back? Also, did you receive it straight through the post or at the hospital and then told the results?

  • Hi Hailes, unfortunately I cannot help you with your question as I am also waiting for the results of the genetic testing. I know the results could take anything from 3 to 8 weeks, depending on what test was requested by your hospital. I was told I should get mine within 3 weeks as it is needed to decide whether I might need a mastectomy instead of a potential lumpectomy. It’s nearly 3 weeks for me and I am still waiting. I assumed the results would be sent to the hospital. So it would be good to hear if anyone else had any experiences with this. Wishing you all the best! Xx

  • Hello, thank you very much for your reply. Unfortunately I am still waiting for the results - been around 2 months now and was told it can take a few months for the results. I did ask one of the Doctors about it when I had a review and he said the results would come straight to me. Like you though I assumed they would go to the hospital and then I would hear.

    Again like yourself, would be good to hear if anyone else has had any experience with this and could answer our questions.

    All the best Relaxed️ xx

  • Hi Hailes, I hope you will get your results soon. Waiting is really painful! It is interesting to hear they could be sent home. I always assumed they would go to the geneticist at the hospital and they will disclose and explain the results to us. Let’s see if anyone else had this experience. 
    Have you had your treatment yet? 
    Big hugs xx

  • Hello, yes I assumed the same as well. Hopefully we are not waiting too long. Yes I’m currently on chemo - finished my first lot of meds (every 3 weekly). And moving to new meds which will be given every week, which I start at beginning of November. 

    Have you started treatment? How have you found it? Xx