Dent in nipple

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Hi, when I raise my arms above my head I appear to have a dent in my areola. It’s normally in the same place. About 4 years ago I went to have a mammogram after sore boob and feeling a lump. My Gp could also feel the lump. Thankfully all was ok. Although the dr I saw was horrible squeezed the side of my boob and grabbed an inch and said they wouldn’t hurt so much if you lost a a bit of weight. I am over weight but not massive. Anyway my question is should j see my go or am I wasting his time? I have had it for quite a while but am just scared it would be the same woman I see.

  • Hi Loganmum welcome to the forum and I am so sorry to hear how worried that you are. Most definetely YES, you must get this checked out and see if you cant see another Doctor when you call to get an appointment but make sure that you call and get that checked out.


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