Is anyone on Abermaciblib?

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Hi everyone 

I'm a year on from treatment - chemo, surgery, radio and am now am Zoladex injections, Exemestane and am nearly a month into Abermaciblib. 
is anyone else taking this and how are you getting on? 

thanks X 

  • Following as due to start this in the next month or two. 

    how are you finding exemestane? I’m being out on tamoxifen but wanted an AI so might ask to change soon.

  • Hi there! 
    I was given the choice of Tamoxifen or Exemestane and went for the later. It's been fine to be honest, the thing I'm struggling with are gynae issues due to lack of estrogen. I keep getting BV and am learning quickly about things I never used to have to consider like dryness and thinning down there etc. I've just picked up my second box of Abermaciclib today and that's a different story. Nothing too heavy to announce but funny tummy a few nights a week and the runs a few times a week too but these are very common side effects. It's not debilitating though so no need yet to discuss cutting down the dose. Do feel free to ask any questions I'm happy to support and help if I can! X

  • Ah thanks. I remember chatting with you on a thread when I was first diagnosed.  They’ve let you start abemaciclib quite late into hormone therapy, which is good. My trust has that strict 12 week policy so I’m nervous if hitting the cut off before they get the service up and running.

    are the stomach issues not wearing off or will this be it for the duration ? That was the effect I was worried about…especially when back at the office.

    have they been able to give you anything to help with the dryness from exemestane? I’m definitely g going to ask to switch at some point as had positive lymph nodes and grade 3. 

    thanks x

  • Had my first Zoladex today, which actually wasn’t bad 

  • Oh yes I remember now hi! 
    I have found Zoladex fine also, I started on the monthly ones but now on 3 monthly with the aim of ovaries out in a few years. My only issue is the size of the needle! 
    re the dryness you just have to accept that things change down there and it's all due to lack of estrogen and we can't take HRT or estrogen creams that most women can. Take a good probiotic and you can get loads of things fromBoots etc that help with the dryness, Replens is one I've been recommended and YES gel and also coconut oil is what my gynae suggested. It's natural and totally harmless and just make you use a lot of something to help with sex! 
    im also back in the office the odd day a week and the runs only bother me on the odd evening but it's defo got a little worse. Apparently your body doesn't get used to it either I learnt today but if it's really not tolerated well they can lower the dose and it does not effect efficiency but I think you have to be really struggling for that to be needed x

  • Hey 

    yeah, I’ve been recommended coconut oil also….I often struggle with thrush so have been reluctant to try anything (joys of being a woman never cease). X

  • Yes I agree, I've had 2 lots of BV and turned out I was allergic to the oral anti biotic and I found the other one felt like it burnt me down below as it worked. The imbalance is all to do the PH levels that the lack of estrogen causes so I'm sure there dietary things and supplements we can take to help manage it all. I'm also taking collagen to help with the loss of that in the body too c