Magnetic Bracelet to assist lymphatic drainage

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Hi all,

Has anyone used a magnetic bracelet to assist in reducing swelling of lymphedema. There seems to be lots of adverts regarding this & similar products. I'm really struggling with my symptoms of lymphedema in my right breast & below my armpit since my breast cancer treatment & node removal operations I'm doing all my exercises & have had some private treatments for lymphatic drainage but I just feel so tired & swollen.

After finishing all my treatment apart from my tamoxifen I'm struggling with the symptoms I've been left with I feel like I've aged 10 years.

Any tips would be very helpful Slight smile 

  • Hi Rubii welcome to  the forum. I am so sorry that you have not had a response as yet. As someone who  has had, and still have, to a lesser degree, Lymphoedema the only thing that  I found worked was a professional lymphatic massage and drainage and then some taping as well.  Im not sure how a magnetic bracelet would actually work but happy to learn more about this is you feel it is something that does help as we are all different.

    What other symptoms are you dealing with as we could maybe offer some help or tips wit those. 


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