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Hi everyone' hope you are all feel well I have just recently had surgery to remove my breast cancer it was a bit of a roller Coster.they was not going to proceed with my op as I had covid at christmas and a chest infection but my surgeon suggested that I had it local instead of general  he was so lovely and caring his name was jemery they had to get a another anseasist from another hosptail to sidate me which I really appreciated it the the before the sedation was awful I not felt pain like it the next thing I knew was I had my surgery I can not thank them.enough they was Brill with me at the royal halamshire hosptail sheffield I would like to say thank you to western park charity lovely head massage by lee before my surgery it made me feel so relaxed and stressed free they also had lots of time for me able to discussed my feeling and thoughts again thank you to all involved  I'm now recovering really sore the pain goes from stinging throbbing and very sensitive I'm am now waitting for radiotherapy  

  • Hi  glad to hear you have had your surgery and I hope the pain eases soon and you begin to recover. It took a few weeks for my surgery pain to settle down but I was very strict on following the exercises I was given.  Good luck with your radiotherapy 

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