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Just went to fertility clinic today to gather information.

They were going to do a scan there and then to check if I have endometriosis and how my overies / eggs were but it was too much to cope with, I couldn't do it.

These things make me feel tense, anxiety.

Had my surgery 12 Jan , removed lump.

I'm 36 soon to be 37  ,so was discussing all types of fertility options.

Eggs preservation first route that leads to IVF, think was their go to.

I have to have a long think if I want to overwhelm my body with hormones.

I'm estrogen 7/8 and progesterone 4/8.

Had to come off my contraception pill as it was safe to continue taking it.

Not sure what on earth doing still waiting for my chemo test to see if I need it , still no idea what hormone tablets I'm having. Was told it would be 10 years. 

  • Hi, so sorry you are having to go through this, it's a lot to take in and process. I hope you have good support around you as you navigate through these decisions.  Best wishes 

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  • Hi Etna, sorry to read your situation, have you found out yet what hormone tablets you ate having? 

    I had surgery in December gor a 10x6mm dcis  and then lymph removal in January, currently on day 7 of 10 radiotherapy and then a recommended 5-10 year of tamoxifen. I'm 43 and wanted to have a child so this is a real blow. I'm going to book appointment at fertility clinic to see options but at moment I think surrogacy which isn't an easy or cheap route or adoption but again I don't know how easy that will be when you have had cancer. It's a horrible situation to be in and so much extra stress which isn't good for us. 

    Good luck with your journey I hope it works out x

  • Hi yeah I'm supposed to be having goserelin injection throughout out chemo to protect my overies, & if I get on well with it I can just keep carrying on with it.

    I'm still waiting to have it & my chemo is supposed to start after this week ,